Why BEChurch?

Who are we?

Blairgowrie Evangelical Church is part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).  We're a group of folks who believe in Jesus, are passionate about the Gospel, and eager to share it.  We meet every Sunday for public worship and fellowship where we praise God through song, pray and read the Bible together.  We're a fellowship of mixed ages and backgrounds and love to welcome folks who have come to church for the first time, or those wanting to know more and even those just visiting.

Our Vision

To be Christ-centered, spiritually vibrant, growing and fruitful for God's glory.

We aim to establish a culture of discipleship where Bible teaching, vibrant worship, sincere prayer and fellowship are central.

We aim to share the message of Jesus Christ with those in Blairgowrie and beyond.

Our Leaders

The church is led by Pastor Derek Johnston who is supported by our elders, Dion Judd and Ian Shaw.  Derek joined us in August 2016 after several years of ministry at Beccles Baptist Church and Fressingfield Baptist Church in Suffolk.  Derek is part of the FIEC Pastor's Network and is married to Gillian and has three children.  We also have Deacons, who are responsible for some of the practical aspects of running the church.

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